Friends of the
North Gower Library

News and Happenings 1996/97
For more information contact: Friends of the North Gower Library, Box 280, North Gower, K0A 2T0.


Our Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, January 28, 1997 in the North Gower Library.

All positions were up for nomination. The following were re-elected: Elaine Windsor, Chairperson, Karen Craig, Library Liaison, April Steel, Treasurer, Lynda Steele, Advertising, Leslie Park, Fundraising, Doris Patterson, Secretary.

April Steel presented our Treasurer's report. We presently have an unencumbered cash surplus of just over $1,900.00. Our Chairperson, Elaine Windsor, gave a summary of our many achievements over the past year, i.e. $500.00 was spent towards the purchase of books.


A fundraising event under consideration for the month of June is a house and garden tour of Rideau Township.

In 1994 the Rideau Township Library undertook a proposal to redesign the children's book section and the Librarian's office area. A portion of the proposal was implemented, i.e. repositioning of the circulation desk. The Friends are reviewing the feasibility and cost of undertaking the remaining portion of this project.


The Christmas Bake Sale was a fantastic success. Thank you to all who contributed jams, preserves, and delicious baked items.

Thank you to the Manotick Kinsmen for the purchase and installation of a central air conditioning unit. This came about after many years of on and off discussions. Hopefully this will increase our summer Library attendance.


Of the beautiful stained glass window, which was donated by local artist Gary Railer, was Stephan Martin of Rockland. Thank you to all who helped with the ticket sales, over 1,000 were sold.


The Library has over 20 boxes of used books that we would like to sell to the North Gower public. We would like to organize a "Book Sale" in the Library one Saturday of the month. If interested, sign the poster displayed in the Library.


You can now reach us on the Web at


Contributions, comments concerns or feedback, call any of the Friends Executive below:

Chair - Elaine Windsor, 489-2367
Treasurer - April Steel, 761-7858
Secretary - Doris Patterson, 489-2592
Library Liaison - Karen Craig, 489-2202
Fundraising - Leslie Park, 489-2292
Advertising - Lynda Steele, 489-2636
Publications - Phyllis Miller, 489-2292


Call 489-3909 to register for the following March break activities:

Babysitter's Training Course
Fabric Appliqué Workshop
Story Time
Cartooning for Fun
Creative Super Snacks

All events are held in the North Gower Library; however, registration is limited.

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