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Rideau Township Fire Department


Information 489-3818

North Gower is very fortunate to have an excellent fire service to respond to emergencies. Cooperate with your fire department:

Special Events
Each summer, the North Gower firefighters participate in two community events: a road toll, and a chicken barbecue. Both raise money for worthy causes. We like the chicken barbecue: good food, very reasonable price, and orders are taken and meals are delivered to your door.

The old fire truck
In case you have seen it in parades: North Gower Township got its first motorized pumper truck in 1948. It is a Bickle Seagrave. It has been restored in honour of the men who served on it from 1949-1955. At the time the firefighters felt it was necessary after a 1948 fire that destroyed the Oddfellows Hall, a bakery, and a house. Howard Perkins was instrumental in getting the truck for the community.
When the North Gower fire department was first formed, fire calls were sent out from the location where the Bide-a-Wee Restaurant now stands.


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