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North Gower - Scenes from Earlier Days

Main Street.

The white house was removed for alignment of Roger Stevens Drive.

Main Street and Roger Stevens Drive

The building on the corner is the original Royal Bank.
Behind it is the IOOF Hall, under construction. Notice the bricks on the street to be added as veneer to the Hall.
Next is the Barber Shop, Clifford Pratt prop.
The building behind that is the present Bide-A-Wee Restaurant.

Main Street, facing south

At the bottom left corner of the picture are the steps to Leach's Store. The white house with dormer windows was owned by Neta Morphy. The two-storey white building behind it was the hotel and post office.

A very interesting picture of Church Street, taken from the United Church steeple, facing west.

Notice the old steel bridge, bottom right, and the two houses between the bridge and the brick house that is now next to the bridge. The first of these was moved to Church St. across from Carolin Court.

Main Street, facing north

Another interesting picture taken from the United Church steeple.
Notice the Cummings house, bottom left.

Main Street, facing south.

Another steeple picture, showing the bridge over Steven Creek. Although it's faint, you should be able to make out the Presbyterian Church, top right. It's the farthest discernible building on the right.

Main Street, facing south.

To the left is the road to Kars; in the foreground to the right is the road to Smiths Falls. Notice the wooden sidewalk, bottom right.

Interior of Holy Trinity Church. Before the fire, the arrangement of pews was different, with no centre aisle.
Main Street and Church Street

The tree-lined village of North Gower.