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Cummings Hardware

In the 1950s, being a self-supporting village, North Gower had two grocery stores, the Cummings General Store, and the Leach Grocery on the corner of Main and Andrew Streets. The latter, owned by Edgar Leach grocery, was later the Armstrong Grocery, and is now Mulligan's Freshmart Grocery. The location of this business has moved back from Main Street to its present location on Andrew Street.
Here is a picture of the Cummings Home Hardware store, located at Church Street and Main Street, as it was in the 1970s. 

 This store had long been a focal point of the North Gower village life. Ed Cummings, Lee's father, purchased the store from L. Clifford Craig in 1949. Earlier, it had been a general store owned by Bennie Craig. In Bennie Craig's time, supplies were brought in to Kars by steamboat. Later, they were delivered by way of the train station in Osgoode, and in the winter, brought on sleighs across the Rideau River.
After he purchased the store, Ed Cummings made it part of the newly formed IGA chain of Loeb franchises. Later it converted to the Allied chain.

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