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North Gower is located in the Regional Municipality of Ottawa Carleton, one of Canada's fastest growing metropolitan areas.
Beyond the cities are a number of towns and residential rural areas, many of which have taken on the role of suburbs, with diminished village commerce and expanding residential capacity.

North Gower is at the centre of Rideau Township. Here the main focus is agricultural, as it has been since the end of the logging days.
North Gower has retained the character of an agricultural town without excess modern commercialization. 

The subdivisions within the town limits have been developed about roads of their own. They do not detract from the many excellent examples of village architecture. Many of the village lots look out over agricultural land. And the newer developments are attractive family places that do not take the focus away from the town's core.

North Gower hosts some lively commercial activity, including lumber and transport companies, and a number of smaller businesses.

Have a look at all this sites  photos for a view of our village character. 

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