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Posh Practicals Inc.

Quality Kitchen Products - Arts and Crafts - A few Antiques

6664 Carolin Court, Box 148, North Gower, Ont. K0A 2T0

Posh Practicals is pleased to offer the following products for sale:

Kitchen Products
We have a great selection of quality kitchen products, including stainless steel cookware, bake ware, utensils and gadgets including graters, knives, slicers, thermometers, meat tenderizers, salt and pepper mills, apple corers, sifters, egg cups, cooling racks, can openers, cherry pitters, vegetable steamers, and more.

Hand blown glass including "Cranberry", musical figurines, wooden cars, candles, wedding guest book, ring pillow, and crochet snowflakes and more.

Arts and Crafts
Posh Practicals is pleased to offer Tole Painting Classes. Tole Painting teaches you how to paint following a pre set design. This way you do not have to know how to draw; although, the more you paint, the more you learn. The best part is the instant feeling of accomplishment because you end up with a beautifully  finished product every time! You also learn about brushes, paint, and other supplies, so you don't waste your hard earned money on useless products.
In addition to the tole painting books, brushes, supplies and finished products for sale, we also carry a few other craft supplies such as beeswax, lampshade supplies, ribbon, clock parts, dowels and other wood. You may also order wood cut to your specifications.

Furniture, Pictures, Coal Oil Lamps, etc.

A message from Carolle Wright, founder of Posh Practicals, Inc.:

Our objective:
  • To sell quality products for the kitchen and home

Too often we buy something, which ends up being discarded. I promote products that last a long time, work well and look great.

The bride and groom will remember a gift a lot longer if it last a long time, works great and is special.

To contact Posh Practicals, call (613) 489-3790, or send e-mail to