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Main Street Automotive
Parts and Service

2319 Community Way, North Gower
(613) 489-0948

Main Street Automotive opened early in 1997. It is located at 2319 Community Way, near the intersection with Main Street, in the Surge Building.

Interprovincial licensed mechanic.
Recycling of used oil, antifreeze, etc.
Motor Vehicle Inspections
Oil changes, lubrication, tune-ups, maintenance, brakes, exhaust, and car cleaning
Small engine repairs
Open 8:00 to 6:00 Monday to Friday
9:00 to 3:00 Saturdays
For a complete list of services and prices, see the Main Street Automotive page at

Main Street Automotive is owned and operated by Ken Baird, who is a well-known and successful driver on the CASCAR racing circuit. We thought you would like to look at this fine photo of his car:

You can find out more about Main Street Racing activities at this link to the Main Street Racing Home Page