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Gardens North
Perennials for the Canadian Garden

(Cover of the 1999 Gardens North seed catalogue
Opuntia humifusa drawn blooming in our garden)

5984 Third Line Road North
RR #3, North Gower, Ontario
K0A 2T0
Tel: (613)489-0065
Fax: (613) 489-1208

Gardens North is located on a private 8-acre site, 25 km south of Ottawa, Ontario. Our property consists of a sloping area of mature hardwood (primarily sugar maples) and an area of flat, open meadow with 3 large interconnecting ponds where our display gardens, nursery and sales area, unheated greenhouse and office building are located. We have almost 5 acres of gardens, planted intensively with an eclectic collection of plants from all over the world, with natives always of primary interest. We use entirely organic methods. Large, unbroken tracts of farmland surrounding us contribute to high, drying winds year round and lack of snow cover during the winter (Zone 4). Summers are traditionally hot, dry, and very humid.

Our primary business is the production and sale of hardy perennial seed for Northern Gardens. We are keenly interested in introducing into cultivation perennial species not widely know or available. As a result, we grow large numbers of test plants each year to determine their hardiness and value to the garden.

This year, we are pleased to offer a selection of Chinese native species, most of which were wild-collected there. We hope you will find space in your garden for one or more of these wonderful plants, some of which have never before been offered by a North American seedhouse.

We sell seeds by mail order and in select gardening shops throughout Canada. The seed catalogue is $4.00.

1999 is the last summer for operation of the retail nursery portion of our business, and consequently the last chance to view our nursery plants and take home some gems.