Lee Cummings Funeral Home

6610 Fourth Line Road
North Gower, Ontario
K0A 2T0
(613) 489-4105
Lee Cummings Funeral Home is a family owned business operated by Dolores and Lee Cummings, with over 46 years of service to North Gower and the surrounding area. Among the services offered:
  • Consultation with family to determine requirements
  • Traditional services
  • Visitation facilities
  • Memorial service facilities
  • Prearranged funerals
  • Full administration service
  • Cremation arrangements
  • Private consultations in the privacy
    of your home
The Cummings Funeral Home has memberships in the Ottawa District Funeral Association and the Ontario Funeral Association.

A Brief History...

J.A. Cummings, Lee's grandfather, started the family tradition of funeral services in the early 1900s in the village of Hazeldean. His son, Ed Cummings, bought the funeral home in North Gower from George McCullough in 1949. Ed Cummings managed and operated the business until 1967, when his son Lee Cummings took over the operation of the funeral home.

For more information on Cummings family enterprises in North Gower, see The Way We Were, and Lee Cummings Real Estate

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