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Agri-West Co-op
2307 Roger Stevens Drive, North Gower

Hardware, fencing, horse and herd supplies, food and presents for your pet, work clothing, grain for the herd, grain stoves, seeds for the birds. Check the toys; the Co-op has a selection of tractors and other farm toys for collectors of all ages. 

If your interest is larger spreads and livestock..... Agri-West has 2 Patriot Sprayers, with 750 gal. tanks and 75 foot booms; Dry Spinner Trucks for variable rate lime/fertilizer application  28% UAN liquid spray truck; Tyler spreaders, and Air Flow application equipment. 

Hours: 8-5:30 Monday to Thursday, 8-6 Friday, 8-5 Saturday.
Telephone: (613)489-3391                   
                    toll-free 1-800-465-9922