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North Gower Cheese Factory

The North Gower Cheese Factory opened in 1995. It is already well-known in the area for its cheddar, gouda and curds. The cheeses and yogurt are made from farm fresh milk. The factory's renowned cheeses are available at the store, along with a selection of some of the other finest cheeses from eastern Ontario.
The cheese is made in an immaculate new building that houses the factory and store at the Bollinger Farm. While you are there, take a moment to admire their beautiful Brown Swiss cattle and the handsome Belgian draft horses.
Fresh curd is available from noon on Fridays until Sunday.
Fresh Swiss bread is available on weekends, except during the winter.


The North Gower Cheese Factory is located on the Bollinger Farm, 2515 Pollock Road, telephone (613)489-3805.
You can reach Pollock Road from either 4th Line Road (which is Main Street in the village of North Gower), or McCordick Road (which runs south from Eagleson, through the heart of Rideau Township).


Summer, spring and autumn hours 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. daily. Closed Mondays. Open holiday Mondays.
Winter hours: open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Picture Album

A visit to the store and factory at the Bollinger farm.

Another view - coolers for storing cheese

The spotless interior. You can't go inside, but when you visit, you can see an album of pictures outlining the entire process, and you can look thorough the display window.

Pasteurizing the milk.

Cheese vat - pasteurized milk is kept at the exact temperature needed for the culture

Cutting the cheese

Feeding the slabs through the curd mill.

Pressing cheese into forms

Brown Swiss milk cows oversee the entire operation