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1. 	About this book
2.	Summary History of North Gower Village 
3. 	Surveys, Village Maps, Street Names and Numbers
4. 	Moving House


Notes The Inventory of Historic Building Records
Address Keywords and Finding Aids
2320 Andrew Street Parsons, Daly
2322 Andrew Street * File photograph only
1923 Carsonby Road Cheese Factory
1811 Century Road SS #4 Todd's Corners School
2332 Church Street United Church
2334 Church Street Craig
2340 Church Street Greer
2343 Church Street Gallagher, Andrews
2347 Church Street Carrigan, Dobson
2352 Church Street James, Powell
2359 Church Street Parks, moved
2367 Church Street * Johnston, file photograph only
2368 Church Street Anglican Rectory
2371 Church Street * Chambers, file photograph only
2372 Church Street Anglican Church
2376 Church Street Stackhouse, Jago
2377 Church Street Ramsay
2378 Church Street * File photograph only
2381 Church Street Seabrook
2391 Church Street Pratt
2300 Craig Street Bowles, Craig, Pratt
2396 Fairmile Road Taylor, Fairmile
6295 Fourth Line Presley, designated
6463 Fourth Line McKinlay-Key, Wallace
6472 Fourth Line Moorcroft, Craig
6475 Fourth Line deWolfe, Taylor
6548 Fourth Line [Main Street] * Continuation school, demolished, file photo only
6549 Fourth Line [Main Street} * Public school, SS #6, demolished, file photo only
6566 Fourth Line [Main Street] Mills
6576 Fourth Line [Main Street] Kelly, Harrison, Mills, designated
6581 Fourth Line [Main Street] Old Town Hall, designated
6583 Fourth Line [Main Street] Payne
6584 Fourth Line [Main Street] * File photograph only
6586 Fourth Line [Main Street] Lally, moved
6593 Fourth Line [Main Street] Mulligan, Armstrong, Leach
6594 Fourth Line [Main Street] Bide-a wee
6598 Fourth Line [Main Street] * Pre-1948 Royal Bank - file photograph only
6599 Fourth Line [Main Street] Apartments, Old Post Office
6606 Fourth Line [Main Street] Craig, Old Post Office
6607 Fourth Line [Main Street] Miron, Craig, old Bank, designated
6608 Fourth Line [Main Street] * File photograph only
6609 Fourth Line [Main Street] Terry Wright Auto Sales
6613 Fourth Line [Main Street] Miron, Craig, Pratt
6617 Fourth Line [Main Street] * Butterfield, file photograph only
6624 Fourth Line [Main Street] Grandma Lil, Craig
6652 Fourth Line [Main Street] Margetts
6656 Fourth Line [Main Street] * former church and hall, destroyed by fire
File photograph only
6673 Fourth Line []Main Street] Flowers, Armstrong
6897 Fourth Line [Old Highway 16] Arbourdale, Swamp School
6981 Fourth Line [Old Highway 16] McDonald, Beggs
2223 Lockhead Road Bruce, Thomson
1980 Phelan Road Strathmere, S.S. No. 11
5940 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] Carsonby United Church
5962 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] Kingsley, Craig
6045 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] McMeekin, Craig
6047 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] Carsonby Orange Hall
6059 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * Craig, file photograph only
6096 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * McEwen, file photograph only
6107 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * Kirk, file photograph only
6142 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * two and a half storey block, file photograph only
6180 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * Craig, file photograph only
6255 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * Nixon, stone, demolished, file photograph only
6361 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * Salkeld, Creelman, Colonial Inn Apple Farm, file photograph only
6445 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] Inglis, Wallace
6546 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] Railer / Steel, Wallace
6556 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] * Standard Church, file photographs only
6564 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16] Cinnamon, Williamson, Blair, designated
2306 Relin Way Engel, Cowell, designated
2104 Roger Stevens Drive * Pilgrim Holiness Church, file photograph only
2273 Roger Stevens Drive Gray, cheese factory
2310 Roger Stevens Drive Williams, Pratt, Craig
2313 Roger Stevens Drive United Church Manse
2320 Roger Stevens Drive Masonic Temple
2323 Roger Stevens Drive Pritchard, Beggs, designated
2333 Roger Stevens Drive * early 1900s frame, file photograph only
2335 Roger Stevens Drive Corcoran, Brownlee
2337 Roger Stevens Drive Hawkins, Hicks
2341 Roger Stevens Drive Hancock, Gault
2352 Roger Stevens Drive * firehall, former road garage, file photograph only
2357 Roger Stevens Drive Wallace, dancehall, cheese factory, moved
2358 Roger Stevens Drive Old library, second township hall
2407 Roger Stevens Drive * Seabrook, file photograph only
6519 Third Line Road Wallace, Seabrook, Cole
Photo Annex list of file photographs of buildings in North Gower for which no research or other information of substance appears on LACAC files
Source Codes source codes used by researcher Peter Davidson in his notes, summer 1986
Members Members of Rideau Township LACAC as of March 31, 1990
* Photograph only on LACAC files; see Photo Annex in Part III
March, 1990