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Address: 2357 Roger Stevens Drive

Location: not on file

Date and Fabric: c. 1954 but see narrative; one storey frame bungalow

Known Owners:

photograph 1997

Photograph also on file from 1990.

No data on file, but short narrative follows

This otherwise unremarkable bungalow is interesting because of its origins.

In about 1954 the late Horace Seabrook, the farmer at 2407 Roger Stevens Drive who later became Reeve of North Gower, bought the old dance pavilion which stood on what is now the Bide-a-wee parking lot. He moved it across the fields and set it on the foundation of the old cheese factory which burned on August 15, 1932. The dance hall provided the floor and framework for the bungalow which still stands at the site.

Neighbor Klaas de Jong reports that the famous "oil well", which subsequently provided water for the cheese factory and community rink, was some distance to the east. [see 2341 Roger Stevens Drive]. He says that the old well has collapsed and is no longer visible from the surface; water for the house is provided from a newer installation.

Mr. Seabrook rented the house for some years before it was sold. His first tenant in the late 1950's and early 1960's was John W. M. Crawford, the head of the English and Commercial Departments at South Carleton High School. He will be well remembered by many former students, as will Mrs. Marion Crawford who directed the Junior Choir at the United Church. Mr. and Mrs. Crawford rented the house from 1955 until Mr. Crawford's retirement in 1966.

[D. Bartlett, 1990. Sources 2, 3, personal knowledge]

March, 1990

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