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Address: 2337 Roger Stevens Drive

Location: W Half, Lot 37, Plan 91

Date and Fabric: c. 1900, two storey frame

Known Owners:

Hiram Scott [land only] - 1896
William Morphy 1896 - 1908
Thomas Hicks 1908 - 1955
William and Selena Mesley 1955 - 1960
George and Amanda Arbuckle 1960 - 1964
Ramesh and Nirmal Gupta 1964 - 1968
Charles and Myrtle Affleck 1968 - 1984
Shawn and lan Hawkins 1984 -

photograph 1997

Photo also on file from 1986

Limited data on file; short narrative follows.

This two storey white clapboard house on Roger Stevens Drive was built around the turn of the century. It is lined with brick.

In 1896 Hiram Scott sold lot 37 of village plan 91 to William Morphy for $30. [See preceding entry for more on Morphy including cross references.] In 1908 Morphy sold the western half of this lot [5,000 square feet] to Thomas Hicks for $1,400. Mr. Bill Hicks remembers that the house was already built before his father moved there and this is supported by the high price paid for the property. Apparently Morphy and his wife were the first occupants.

Thomas Hicks was a cheesemaker and managed a number of local cheese factories in addition to the North Gower factory. Mr. Bill Hicks remembers how his father was often involved in negotiations with farmers for their milk. Thomas Hicks later became the government cheese inspector/grader for Eastern Canada. This job was located in Montreal and Hicks commuted every week, since he kept the North Gower home to return to on weekends. He retired in 1946. 77

In 1955 the house was sold to William and Selena Mesley who, in turn, sold to George and Amanda Arbuckle in 1960. The Arbuckles were the owners of 6583 Main Street [q.v.] at the same time. In 1964, Ramesh and Nirmal Gupta bought the house and in 1968 they sold it to Charles and Myrtle Affleck. In 1984, Shawn and lan Hawkins purchased the house and have replaced and rebuilt much of the verandah woodwork.

In 1924, a year-round kitchen was added to the back of the house and the only out-building was a woodshed. The house has now [1986] been converted into two apartments. One of Thomas Hicks' sons, Donald, has moved back into the house where he was born and lives in the upstairs apartment. [after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 2, 4]

77 For more information both about Mr. Hicks and about cheesemaking, see Cheesemaking in Rideau Township - reference in Footnote 21 on page 26

March, 1990

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