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Address: 2335 Roger Stevens Drive

Location: E half Lot 37, Plan 91

Date and Fabric: c. 1905, two storey frame

Known Owners:

photograph 1997

Photo also on file from 1986

Limited data on file.

This white clapboard house across from Perkins' lumber is owned by Mr. and Mrs Corcoran [1986]. In 1896, Hiram Scott sold village lot 37, plan 91 to William Morphy for $30., and Mr Morphy apparently proceeded to construct two buildings on it. This one, on the east half, was used by his sister-in-law Miss Corrie and his daughter Nita as a millinery shop. Morphy lived next door at 2337 [q.v.]. When he and his wife moved to 6606 Main Street [q.v.] in 1908, Miss Corrie and Nita accompanied them and continued to operate the millinery business out of the new house. At the time when Mr. Morphy owned this building, it seems to have been much smaller than it is now.

In 1908 Morphy sold the house to Ernest [Jack?] Crawford for $550. Crawford then used the front room as a barber shop until 1946, when he sold the property to David or James Brownlee. Crawford moved around the corner to Main Street where his new residence and barbershop were destroyed two years later in the fire of 1948. By 1955, James Brownlee owned the property and kept it until 1979, when he sold to the Corcorans.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 1, 2, 4]

March, 1990

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