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Address: 2323 Roger Stevens Drive

Location: Lot 57, Plan 628 [also lot 58 on earlier plan 91]

Date and Fabric: 1896, two storey brick

Known owners:

photograph 1997

Other photos on file: 1990, 1986, 1980, and undated probably early 1980's.

Architectural summary [1985] and summer works study [1984] also on file. Both include some dubious information. Narrative text after Peter Davidson, 1986, follows.

This house shares, with the houses at 2343 and 2347 Church Street q.v., a distinctive and appealing style of decorative brickwork that makes it easily recognizable. The house was apparently built in 1896 [a datestone to this effect has been removed] with a rear frame addition being added shortly thereafter. It is unclear who built the house but two names have been suggested. One is William Bruce [builder of 6607 Main Street and 2376 Church Street, q.v.] and the other is Allen Scott. It seems more plausible that Allen Scott was the builder, for Registry Office records [lot 58, plan 91] state that in 1889 John Wallace sold the lot to Joseph Scott. The only Allen Scott listed in Who's Where: Guide to the Cemeteries of Rideau Township is J. Allen Scott, and the vendor of the property in 1907 is shown in the Registry records as Joseph A. Scott. In short, it seems that J. Allen Scott and Joseph A. Scott may well have been the same man. This is not, of course, conclusive evidence, and Bruce may have built the house for Scott or they may have worked together.

In 1907, Joseph A. Scott sold the property to William Daly for $1,125, the price indicating that a building was included. Daly did not live in the house himself but had bought it for his two sisters, Elizabeth and Maggie. The ladies were dressmakers and worked out of their home.

In 1929 the house was sold to Mabel Beggs who moved in with her mother and father from the farm in lot 27, con 3 [6981 Fourth Line, q.v.]. Miss Beggs taught school at a variety of places within the area including North Gower and Carsonby. In 1953 she moved to Kemptville and sold the house to the Dunbars who kept it for six years before selling to Edward Bain. In 1964, Mr. Bain sold to the Hammonds and the house passed from them to the Garlands in 1967, and then to Bruce Hicks in 1980. Gary Railer and April Steele purchased in 1982, and Douglas and Tina Beirness in 1986.

In the 1940's the house was divided and apparently Miss Beggs rented part of it to another family. Between 1980 and 1982 the one-storey summer kitchen that connects the brick house and the two storey addition was extended sideways [westerly] to encompass the area formerly occupied by the porch and outhouse. The house has had, at least since the 1920's, a distinctive stained glass window in front. [after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 2, 3, 4]


The south [front] east and west facades were designated by By-law 77/85 of 12 August, 1985, which cites the following reasons for designation:

"The house is an excellent example of late 19th century domestic architecture. Its location at the core of the village makes it a local landmark. Its history adds considerably to our knowledge of North Gower's past"

March, 1990

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