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Address: 2320 Roger Stevens Drive
The Masonic Temple

Location: not on file

Date and Fabric: 1905, frame Masonic Temple

Known Owners: Corinthian Lodge No 476, North Gower

photograph 1997

File also contains an undated photograph 1979 ?, and a xerox copy of a booklet dated 1973 with numerous photos, largely of individuals, and an interesting narrative history of the Lodge.

See also 1973 history on file.

This white building on the south side of Roger Stevens Drive was built in 1905 to house the newly formed Corinthian Lodge of the Masonic Order. Over the years it was an important social focal point for many community-minded local men. Today the significance of the Masonic Order appears to have diminished somewhat, although it is still operative. The Temple itself, looking somewhat weather-beaten, was built at a cost of $500., and its dimensions, excluding the extension, are 40' x 22'. At one time the Masons bought additional land for the purpose of building a parking lot but the plan was never realized. Sometime in the 1960's, the entire roof structure was replaced. The extension on the left front was added after 1973 and has aluminum siding. Sometime in the mid-1980's, the left Doric capital post disappeared. It had been restored by 1990.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986; Sources 3, 5 76]

76 see also History of the Corinthian Lodge #476, North Gower, 1905 - 1973, on the file.

March, 1990

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