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Address: 2313 Roger Stevens Drive
The United Church Manse

Location: not on file

Date and Fabric: c. 1901: two and a half storey brick.

Known Owners:

photograph 1997

Photo also on file from c. 1920

The current [1986] United Church manse was built c. 1901. It was then the new Methodist parsonage, replacing the Church Street parsonage at 2352 Church Street q.v. In 1925 it became the United Church manse when the Methodists and some of the Presbyterians amalgamated. Church meetings were often held inside the manse and in this way it became familiar to many congregation members. With regard to structural changes, Mr. Harry Seabrook speculated that the present front porch replaced a verandah in the early 1940's and that the deck was added to the roof about 1975 75. The house has two kitchens.

A list of clergy who lived in the manse:
1 Rev. W.T. Smith 1900-1904 2 Rev. A.T. Jones 1904-1908
3 Louis Conley 1908-1910 4 J.H. Murray 1910-1914
5 A. Galley 1914-1917 6 W.T. Brown 1917-1920
7 R.C. McConnell 1920-1925 8 W.G.A. Wilson 1925-1933
9 H.M. Servage 1933-1940 10 A.Y. Robertson 1940-1951
11 E.M. Cadigan 1951-1952* 12 L.A. Muttitt 1951-1952*
13 R.W. McGregor 1952-1957 14 J.D. Chapman 1957-1968
15 W.H. Shaver 1968-1974 16 Roy McGrath 1974-1982
17 Rev. Michael Hart 1982-1986 18 Rev. Whitman Strong 1986-

* Supply clergy who didn't actually live in the manse.

75 Mr Seabrook was mostly, but not entirely right. An undated but early photograph on the file shows a ground floor open verandah extending across the front of the house; this was obviously converted later to a narrower closed exterior vestibule. However, the "deck", if this means the second storey porch, appears on the earlier photograph, although it was not closed in at that time.

March, 1990

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