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Address: 2273 Roger Steven Drive

Location: Pt Lot 20 Con 3

Date and Fabric: 1933 two storey cement block cheese factory converted to residence

Known Owners:

Royden Olmstead 1932 - 1934
Ivan C. Wiltsie 1934 - 1945
Nate Stewart 1945 - 1953
N. Audrey Gray 1953 -

photograph 1997

Photograph also on file from 1990.

This building is interesting chiefly because it was the last cheese factory operating in North Gower Village. When the factory at 2357 Roger Stevens Drive [q.v.] burned on August 15, 1932, the then proprietor, Mr. Olmstead, built this new factory at what is now 2273 Roger Stevens Drive. The factory was closed in 1952 and was purchased the next year by Miss N.A. Gray who, with her sister Miss Helen Gray, converted it into a very attractive residence. 73

73 Source: Cheese Factories of Rideau Township - see footnote 21 on page 26. The source contains much more information about this factory and its predecessors

March, 1990

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