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Address: 6445 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16]

Location: Pt Lot 18, Con 3

Date and Fabric: 1840, one and a half storey, clapboard over log

Known Owners:

Kings College, later U of T [Crown patent - land only] 1828 -1861
Alexander Wallace 1861 - 1862
Hugh Wallace 1862 - ?
Estate of Hugh A. Wallace [son ? grandson ?] - 1966
Ellen M. Wallace 1966 - 1966
Roland A. Shouldice 1966 - 1972
Allan L. and Doris Inglis 1972 -

photograph 1997

Earlier poor undated photograph also on file.

Limited data on file.

Editor's note: the very limited information on the file is dated 1973 and is attributed to Hugh L. Craig, the next door neighbour who was at that time about 90 years old. Who collected it is not indicated. How much of it, if any, is folklore has not been established. It is simply reported here as given, amended only to put it in chronological order. See also the next entry for 6546 Regional Road 73.

Alexander Wallace came from Scotland in 1820 and settled in Dalhousie County 67 near Carleton Place. Later he came to North Gower Township and bought 200 acres being lot 18, Concession 3. In later years he divided this farm in four among his sons, in fifty acre parcels. 68 The log house on the north half of the east half was built in 1840.

The addition and woodshed were added about 1902. Clapboard was put on in 1902 and again in 1921. The lane originally ran up the line fence south of Hugh L. Craig's property. It was changed to the present location in 1925. Hydro was installed in 1926. The cistern was put in the west basement in 1930 at a cost of $30. The addition roof was raised to a hipped roof in 1937 and hardwood floors were added to the upstairs of the log section.

In 1973 the Inglis added a knotty pine clothes cupboard in the front vestibule. Other than that, no renovations have been made. Paint has been stripped from the two flights of steps and the solid pine wainscotting in the dining room. In 1972 the house was rewired and electric baseboard heaters installed after the floor furnace [oil] was taken out. A large cast iron Findlay New Forest Beauty woodstove supplements the electric heat. [see introductory note re source, 1973]

67 After 1823, "near Carleton Place" would have been in Bathurst District. Dalhousie District dates only from 1842 and included the same townships as the later Carleton County. See Harry and Olive Walker, Carleton Saga, Ottawa 1971, page 280. I have found no reference to a "Dalhousie County" anywhere in Ontario.

68 He may have squatted, since the Registry Office data indicate that he divided the farm almost as soon as he got title, in 1861-2; see previous page.

March, 1990

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