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Address: 6047 Regional Road 73 [Old Highway 16]

Carsonby Orange Hall

Location: Pt. Lot 11, Con 2

Date and Fabric: 1892 frame Orange Hall

Known Owners:

photograph 1997

Photos also on file from 1982

There was apparently an Orange Lodge Hall in Carsonby as early as 1863, but the present building dates from 1892, when it was put up for a total expenditure of $121.79. Lodge minutes from 1920 record that "the new Provincial highway being built made it necessary to move the hall. Dissatisfaction was expressed at the way the Department of Highways left the hall after moving it." Over the years the hall continued to serve a community purpose but the Lodge declined, and accordingly transferred title to the Township for a dollar in about 1977. [D. Bartlett, 1990 66]

66 Summarized from Carsonby Community History, op cit, p 34 et seq. I think the hall was moved back again by the Dept. of Highways in about 1965, [and again left in poor shape], but the file has no data on this.

March, 1990

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