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1. Interview with the owner or tenant
2. Interview with village resident or past owner
3. From LACAC file
4. Registry Office records
5. Miscellaneous secondary sources [newspapers, pamphlets published studies, etc.]

These are the source codes used by Peter Davidson in writing up his research during the summer of 1986. and they appear with the narrative texts based on his work in Part II. Mr. Davidson explained that:" Five main sources were used in researching the histories of the North Gower buildings. The first source of information has been the already existing files compiled by the LACAC and previous summer students. Although these files have tended to emphasise architectural rather than historical details much useful information has been taken from them. The second and third major sources have been the home owners themselves, both past and present, together with a number of helpful and knowledgeable village residents. A fourth source was composed of various works of local history. Of particular value were the 1971 facsimile edition of Belden's 1879 Historical Atlas of Carleton County and the North Gower Women's Institute's Tweedsmuir History, the latter being a source of many fascinating pictures. Finally the Carleton County Land Registry Office was used in tracking down ownership histories".

March, 1990

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