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1. This section is organized alphabetically by street name, and then by street number under each street name.

2. Entries typically include an index page with the address and location of the building, a photograph for identification, and an indication of other photographs and research material on file. Where the material on file contains or justifies a narrative account, this follows.

3. The term "Location" is here used to refer to the survey location - i.e., lot and concession, or registered plan and lot number. The information is included where it is shown on the file or seems evident from the address, but neither the editor nor the LACAC has verified this data. Accordingly, no undertaking is offered as to its accuracy.

4. The references to "Presence of the Past" refer to the column which has appeared in Ottawa-Carleton This Month under various titles since October, 1983. Generally speaking, there is not a lot more in the columns than appears in the inventory.

5. The references to "oversize" photographs call attention to pictures too large for the files, which are stored separately.

6. Peter Davidson's sources are identified by numbers; the key appears in Section III, Annex 2.

7. As indicated in Part I, this inventory essentially catalogues and summarizes information appearing on the LACAC files. The editor has usually undertaken no further research to supplement it or to verify its reliability. While it is believed to be generally careful, there are undoubtedly errors which can only be revealed through further research.
[D. Bartlett, 1990]

March, 1990

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