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Address: 6897 Fourth Line [Old Highway 16]

"Arbourdale School" a.k.a. "The Swamp School"

Location: Pt W. 1/2 N. 1/2, Lot 26, Con 3

Date and Fabric: 1873 frame schoolhouse converted to residence

Known Owners: School trustees of SS #5, and successor boards; 1851 - 1965

photograph 1997

The first SS #5 in this approximate location was built of log in 1851, but burned down and was replaced with another log school. The present frame building, built by Thomas Craig in 1873, was originally painted dark red and had wooden shutters. The earlier log school was used as a woodshed and later sold. In 1923 the school was moved back from the highway [then being realigned and paved] and put on a basement. Additional grounds were purchased and fenced. SS #5 was closed and sold in 1965. [after the account on schools appended to Carsonby Community History 52]

52 Carsonby Historical Society, Carsonby: A Community History, 1969, ed. Kathleen James, p.81

March, 1990

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