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Address: 6613 Fourth Line [Main Street]

Location: not on file

Date and Fabric: c 1875 ? two storey frame veneered with angelstone and stucco

Known Owners:


James Trimble [lot only] -1875
George F. Craig connection [see narrative] 1875 - 1948
Clifford Pratt connection [see narrative] 1948 - 1977
Stephen Heggart 1977 - 1978
Miron 1978 -

photograph 1997

Photograph also on file from 1986

This large Main Street residence was once described as "the nicest house in North Gower". Its date of construction is unclear but the house appears to be marked on Belden's 1879 village map beside the name of G. Craig. Registry records show that Craig bought this quarter acre from James Trimble in 1875. Craig genealogy is complex so it is not certain whether the purchaser was George Craig [1837 - 1918] or, more probably, George F. Craig [1855 - 1943]. George F. Craig was one of North Gower's best known merchants and owned and operated his general store for 50 to 60 years.

The store was probably built at about the same time as the house and was located just across the street. It included two buildings and sold a variety of merchandise. In the 1890's, part of the store burned down but was quickly rebuilt. George Craig was assisted in the store by his sons Benjamin and John Albert. The business motto was "good goods, quick sales and small profits." After George F. Craig retired, his nephew Cliff Craig ran the store until 1950. In that year, it was sold to Ed Cummings, who operated it until it burned to the ground in 1977. This time it was not rebuilt, and there is now [1986] a parking lot on the site.

George F. Craig lived in the house across from the store, probably until 1933. Up until that time, the house was registered under the name of John Craig - the family relationship is not clear from the file. Upon John Craig's death in 1932, the house passed to Benjamin. In 1942, title passed to Benjamin's wife Addie.

In 1948 the house left the Craig family when it was sold to Clifford Pratt who lost his barbershop in the fire of that year [as did another barber - see 2335 Roger Stevens Drive]. Pratt set up his barbering business in the small south-side extension of his new house. The file does not record when he retired from barbering but the house remained in the Pratt name [1955, G.H. Pratt; 1966, Edna Pratt] until 1977. It was then sold to Stephen Heggart who sold a year later to Noel and Audrey Miron. At some time it was converted to apartments which are currently [1986] rented out by the Mirons.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 2, 4]

March, 1990

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