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Address: 6609 Fourth Line [Main Street]

Location: Lot 8 Plan 91 [there is probably also a Plan 628 number]

Date and Fabric: c. 1897, two storey frame residence converted to office

Known Owners: See narrative

photograph 1997

1990 and 1986 photograph also on file

Information on file limited.

This small wooden frame house on Main Street is set back from the road and has been an automobile sales office since 1964. The house probably dates from at least 1897 and was the home of David Barrows, a harness maker who had his shop in an adjacent building that was later moved to 6586 Main Street, q.v. Registry records [Lot 8, Plan 91] reveal that various parts of the lot passed from David and Ida Barrows to Hiram Scott and back again in 1897. The property belonged to the estate of William Bruce by 1908 and then followed the ownership pattern of the property next door at 6607 Main Street, q.v. 51 Regardless of the land transactions, it appears that the house was the Barrows' home.

After the death of David Barrows Jr. in 1919 his widow Ida lived on in the house with their daughter Mary until Ida's death in 1942. In that year, Ida's will left to Mary half an acre of lot 8, presumably the house. Mary Barrows was a telephone operator for the North Gower exchange for many years and lived in the home until 1963 when the property was sold to Wayne and Gail Pratt. In 1964, title passed to Wayne Pratt's Auto Service Ltd. From 1964 to 1970 the house was used as an office for the dealership and a concrete block garage was added to the back of the house. From 1971 to 1974 the house was used as an office for Terry Wright's Auto Sales, and again from 1982 to the present [1986]. Between 1974 and 1982 the property was alternatively left vacant and used as a car storage lot for the Fairmile dealership of a Mr. Arbuthnot. Until 1982, the Fairmile office was located in what is now the North Gower Grocery. The house has never had any plumbing. It is currently [1986] owned by Mr Lawrence Miron of Manotick. [after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 1, 2, 4]

51 This comes from Peter Davidson, who is usually pretty reliable, but it does not square with the following paragraph which sounds plausible. Clarification would be helpful on this one.

March, 1990

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