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Address: 6606 Fourth Line [Main Street]

Location: Lot 94, Plan 628

Date and Fabric: 1910, 2 1/2 storey brick

Known Owners:

William Morphy 1910 - 1937
Reginald [Rex] and Sadie Craig 1937 -

photograph 1997

Other photos on file from 1986 and 1980, including some interior trim.

This brick house, on the south-west corner of Main Street and Roger Stevens Drive, was built between 1908 and 1910 by William Morphy as a replacement for the residence he had bought from Elizabeth Mackey. That building had been destroyed in a 1908 fire which proved to be the catalyst for a modernization of North Gower fire fighting procedures. The traditional bucket brigade method was improved upon through the acquisition of a hand pumper, a hose reel and several hundred feet of hose. 48

The house was built to accommodate a millinery shop which was operated by Mr Morphy's sister-in-law, Miss Corrie, and his daughter Nita. 49 From 1914 until 1937, the North Gower library was kept in a small room at the back of the house. In 1937 the new postmaster, Mr. Rex Craig, and his wife Sadie bought the house and moved the Post Office into the ground floor space occupied by the millinery shop, which was moved upstairs. In 1941 the Craigs sold their farmhouse [2300 Craig Street, q. v.] and moved into this house. The Morphys moved into a house on the south corner of Main and Andrew Streets and Nita took the library with her. In 1960 the Post Office opened in its present location on Perkins Drive, and the front space was rented to Grace Wallace's beauty shop. In 1986, the salon was still operating under the management of Alice Dougherty. Mr. Craig died in 1960, but Mrs. Craig was still living in the house in 1986.

This became a corner house only in the early 1970's when Roger Stevens Drive was realigned. Construction of a straighter road required the expropriation and demolition of an old frame house to the immediate north which was, until that time, on the corner.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 1, 3, 4, 5]

48 North Gower Tweedsmuir History, p. 93.

49 See 2335 Roger Stevens Drive for the earlier location of this durable business!

March, 1990

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