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Address: 6475 Fourth Line

Location: not on file

Date and Fabric: mid 19th century ? - two storey stucco

Known owners: - see narrative -

Wallace family 1843 [lot] - 1920
George Beaman 1920 - c 1935
Howard Craig c 1935 - 1940
Alfred and Madeline Taylor 1940 - 1945
Annie Cowell [see narrative] 1945 - c 1950
Alfred and Madeline Taylor c 1950 - 1980
Carvell 1980 - 1985
deWolfe 1985 -

photograph 1997

Photos also on file from 1990, 1986

Not extensively researched.

This house was originally owned and probably built by the Wallace family. John Wallace became the owner of the land in 1843. Possibly the house was built at about this time, although the northern part was added sometime after the southern section. In 1863 the land went to Robert Wallace and the house stayed in the Wallace family until 1920 when registry records show that it passed to George Beaman. Mrs. Madeline Taylor, who lived across the road as a girl [at 6472 Fourth Line q.v.] recalls that a very old Mrs. Wallace lived alone in the house after 1920, so perhaps Mr. Beaman bought the land for farming and merely rented the house to tenants.

According to Mrs. Taylor her father, Reeve Howard Craig, bought the house [an incidental acqui- sition to the purchase of the farmland] sometime in the mid-1930's. The house was rented for a few years and in 1940 he sold it to Mrs. Taylor and her husband Alfred. She lived there for the duration of the war, and when her husband returned from service in the Canadian Navy, they moved to Ottawa in about 1945. The house then became the residence of Mrs. Taylor's aunt, Annie Cowell, who died within a few years and willed it back to the Taylors. The Taylors lived there until 1980 when they sold to the Carvels. In 1985, the Carvels sold to the present [1986] owners, the deWolfes.

In the late 1940's the Taylors had plumbing installed by Barnes' Plumbing of Kemptville. Earlier in the 1940's the house began to develop foundation problems which still exist today [1986]. An outside entrance to the basement collapsed and the floors in the old part of the house developed a central sag. The exterior was stuccoed by the Taylors in an unsuccessful effort to improve the insulation of the house. [after Peter Davidson, 1986]

March, 1990

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