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Address: 6472 Fourth Line

Location: not on file

Date and Fabric: c.1910. two storey frame

Known Owners:

Wallace connection c.1910-1919
Howard Craig 1919 - 1953
Edward Craig 1953 - 1973
Hugh Craig 1973 - 1984
Moorcroft 1984 -

photograph 1997

Photograph also on file from 1986

Limited data.

This house is located on the southwest corner of Starshell Drive and the Fourth Line. It was built around 1910 by a branch of the Wallace family as a farmhouse, and they were its first owners. In 1919 it was bought by Howard Craig who was Reeve of North Gower from 1923 to 1952 and Warden of Carleton County in 1929.

After the death of his wife Cora in 1920, he and his five children [four girls and a boy] moved into the house and farmed the land. After serving as Reeve for 29 years, Craig died in 1953 and the house passed to his son Edward. Edward Craig died in 1973 and his son Hugh kept the house until 1984 when it was sold to its present [1986] owners, the Moorcrofts. Aluminum siding was put on by Edward or Hugh, and Howard replaced the stairs and altered the basement but otherwise there have been no significant structural changes. [after Peter Davidson, Sources 1,2]
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