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Address: 6463 Fourth Line

Location: Pt. Lot 18 Con. 3

Date and Fabric: 1900, two storey brick

Known owners:

John Henry Wallace 1900 - ?
Donald Wallace ? - 1983
John McKinlay-Key 1983 - ?

photograph 1997

Photo also on file from 1986.

Not extensively researched.

This house was apparently built in 1900 for John Henry Wallace as a home for his new family. Wallace was born and raised a few hundred feet to the south in the old Wallace homestead - see 6475 Fourth Line - and chose to build his own home close by. He moved in with his second wife, and the couple's three sons were all raised in the new house. Labour and materials for the house cost $1,000. The house has basement walls of stone that are three feet thick, and the brick part of the house has three layers of brick. About a year after the house was built, a wooden frame kitchen was attached to the back.

John Henry's son Donald inherited the house and kept it until 1983 when it was sold to Mr. and Mrs. McKinlay-Key. Donald Wallace built two additions to the house, a family room and a garage, both around 1970. Mr. Donald Wallace commented that the 100 acre lot, and the later 50 acre lot, on which the house was located were, at one time, the highest-taxed lots in the township.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986 Sources: 1, 2]

March, 1990

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