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Address: 2300 Craig Street

Location: Pt lot 20, Con 3

Date and Fabric: 1889, two storey brick

Known owners: James Craig 1889 - 1897; Robert Allen Craig, 1897 - ?; Reginald [Rex] Craig ? - 1941; Wesley Pratt 1941 - ?; Ferguson Pratt ? - 1972; Florence Ganderton 1972 - 1977; Allen and Brenda Barden 1977 - 1981; John and Shirley Ann Bowles 1981 -

photograph 1997

Other photos on file from 1990 [ incl. original house now stable], 1986, 1982, 1980 [also stable], 1979 oversize and 1977.

This two storey red brick farmhouse is situated next to a creek and is set back from the road. A datestone on the front of the house indicates that it was built in 1889. Its builder was James Craig, one of North Gower's most prosperous farmers. Craig emigrated from Ireland in 1834 as a nineteen year old boy with his father and uncle. He settled on the site of the house in 1862. Craig bought the land from Russell Andrews in that year and originally lived in the house, built by Andrews, that was already there. By 1879, a two storey frame house had been built and the family lived there until the main brick house was ready. The frame house is now [1986] used as a horse stable.

James Craig was a well-educated man who had taught school when younger and he served for many years as Township Clerk, Councillor and Justice of the Peace. In 1897, title to the house passed to James' son R.A. Craig, although James continued to live there until his death in 1908 at the age of 93. Robert Allen's son Reginald [Rex Craig, Postmaster - see also 6606 Main Street] inherited the farm from his father and lived there until 1941, selling it to Wesley Pratt. In 1972 it was sold to Florence Ganderton, although by this time it came with only 28 of the original 127 acres. The Bardens bought in 1977 and sold in 1981 to the Bowles. The Bardens and Bowles have been responsible for the renovation of the house and grounds.

[After Peter Davidson, 1986 Source 3]

March, 1990

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