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Address: 2391 Church Street

Location: Lot 74, Plan 628

Date and Fabric: probably late 19th C; two storey frame

Known owners:

John S. Montgomery ? - 1907
William and Susan Hicks 1907 -
Grenville Hicks - 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Mochus 1975 - 1977
Dorothy Pratt 1977 -

photograph 1997

Photos also on file from 1990, 1986

Architectural summary [1985] on file, but only limited historical data.

This house is located at the far end of Church Street and is made of white clapboard with black trim. It was probably built sometime in the late 19th century but its existence has not been documented before the early 1900's. The house was first owned by the Montgomery family and Mrs. Verda Wright suggests that Laura Montgomery, who was born in 1881, was born in the house. No other evidence concerning the construction date has been uncovered.

In 1907 John S. Montgomery sold the house to William Hicks and his bride Susan for $720. Hicks [1875 - 1953], who was born in Hull and lived in Bell's Corners before coming to North Gower, owned a grist and sawmill. In the 1920's and 1930's this sawmill was located on Church Street on the site of the old Anglican Rectory [see 2347 and 2368 Church Street incl. footnote]. The house stayed in the Hicks family, passing at some time to William's son Grenville, until 1975. It was then sold to Mr. and Mrs Mochus who sold, in 1977, to Mrs. Dorothy Pratt.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 1,2,4]

March, 1990

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