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Address: 2381 Church Street

Location: Lot 77, Plan 628

Date and Fabric: c 1905, two storey frame

Known owners:

Dan Hagan 1905?-1938 [see also 2334 Church Street]
Sarah Hagan 1938 - 1958
Robert Brownlee 1959 - 1959
Victor Brown 1959 - 1977
John Lee Seabrook 1977 - ?
Colin Wright currently

photograph 1997

Other photographs 1986 [shows former woodshed], 1980

Architectural summary [1985] on file; see also "Presence of the Past" for June, 1987.

This white frame house with green trim is [1986] the Church Street home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Seabrook. Mr Seabrook believes that it was built around 1905 by Dan Hagan [1872 - 1938]. The house lot was not marked on the 1886 village plan so it seems probable that the house itself was built after that date. After Dan Hagan's death the house was registered in the name of his wife Sarah until her death in 1959. The house then passed to Robert Brownlee who immediately sold to Victor Brown. The Brown family lived there from 1959 until 1977 when they sold to the Seabrooks.

The house is of frame construction with brick-filled walls, and still has the original wainscotting around its walls. The Browns added a bathroom on the landing and used the attached woodshed as a bedroom. This shed was removed in July, 1986 and was to be replaced by a new kitchen. An old chicken house was kept at the back of the property as a storage shed. Two oil stoves were removed by the Seabrooks who now [1986] heat the house with a woodstove and baseboard heaters.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 1,2,4]

March, 1990

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