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Address: 2377 Church Street

Location: Not shown on file

Date and Fabric: c 1880 ?; two storey frame

Known owners: [not fully researched]

Hammond Reddick early 1900s
Margaret and William Mackey - 1943
Nicholas Graham 1943 - 1953
Keith and Patricia Ramsay 1953 -

photograph 1997

Other photos on file from 1986 and 1980

Limited information on file.

This white frame house is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ramsay. Mrs. Ramsay believes that it was built about 1880. Mr. and Mrs Hammond Reddick are the first known occupants of the house and they moved in shortly after their marriage in the early 20th century. Mr. Reddick was well known in the North Gower area as a thresherman in the fall and a painter and decorator in the off seasons. He and his wife Edith later rented tourist rooms out of their home on the north-east corner of Main Street and Roger Stevens Drive.

After the Reddicks, Margaret and William Mackey moved into the house. Mr. Mackey was a rural mail driver and stables were kept at the back of the house for his horses. In 1943 the house was sold to Nicholas Graham, a widower, who lived there until his death in 1953, when the house passed to the Ramsays.

The Ramsays have not made any significant alterations to the house with the exception of replacing the old woodshed with a new kitchen. The basement has a flagstone floor and a constant supply of water is provided by the house well which appears to be situated on a spring. An attempt to clean the well had to be abandoned when water came rushing in faster than it could be held back or pumped out. The house was given electrical permit #1, and Mrs. Ramsay believes that it was the first house in North Gower to have electricity. One of the original light fixtures is still [1986] in use in the front hall.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986 Sources 1,3]

March, 1990

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