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Address: 2352 Church Street

Location: Lot 11 Plan 628

Date and Fabric: c 1859, two storey brick

Known owners: North Gower Methodist Church ca. 1860-1902; Margaret Good 1902-1909; Alex Powell 1909-1926; Elizabeth Powell 1926-1940; Vesta Powell 1940-1944; Mabel Knight 1944-1946; Chester Nickerson 1946-1964; Lloyd James 1964-

photograph 1997

Other photographs on file 1990, 1986, undated possibly 1986 and 1985.

Architectural summary [1985] on file. See also "Presence of the Past" for April, 1986

This red brick Church Street residence is probably the oldest brick house in North Gower. Mr. and Mrs Lloyd James are the current [1986] owners and Mr. James has found coins in the foun- dation dating from 1858. The building was originally used as the Methodist parsonage, and since the first Methodist Church in North Gower was built circa 1859, the parsonage likely dates from the same period. The red bricks of the house are narrower than usual, and warped. These features may be indications of the extreme age of the house and that the bricks were made locally [i.e., in North Gower], possibly specifically for this house.

The house is solid brick, two rows thick, without a conventional frame. A wooden addition, built around old log beams, was constructed at about the same time as the house and extends back in a south-easterly direction. It is approximately fifty feet by twenty-four feet and was apparently once used as a butcher shop. It has also been a stable, a summer kitchen, a garage and, since 1971, an apartment. Both structures have tin roofs.

In 1902, the Methodist clergy moved to a new parsonage at 2313 Roger Stevens Drive and the house was sold for $900 to Margaret Good, then living across the road at number 2347 Church Street q.v. In 1909 Alex Powell, a machinery dealer, bought the house and possibly used the ex- tension as a business outlet. The house stayed in Powell hands until 1944 passing from Alex to Elizabeth Powell in 1926 and then to Vesta Powell in 1940. In 1944 it was sold to Mabel Knight. In 1946, she sold it to Chester Nickerson, the bank manager, and in 1944 it was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. James.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986. Sources 1, 3, 4]

March, 1990

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