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Address: 2340 Church Street

Location: Pt Lot 12, Plan 628

Date and Fabric: c 1890, two storey frame

Known owners: Presbyterian Church c. 1895 - 1925
George Beaman 1925 - 1940
Luella Greer 1940 -

photograph 1997

Other photos on file from 1990, 1986 and 1980

The Greer house on Church Street is a two storey irregular building with a rear wing situated beside Stevens Creek. It was designed to face the creek.

The roof is a medium to high cross-gable and is finished with asphalt shingles. It has projecting Wood verges with decorated fascias and projecting eaves. There are two single brick chimneys: centre front and centre back. The roof is further ornamented by a finial and a drop or pendant.

The windows have plain flat trim on the outside of the structural opening and a plain slip sill. They are single hung, one-sash windows.

The main entrance is on the left facade. It has a flat wood entablature outside the structural opening, moulded wood trim inside the opening on both head and sides, and a flat transom behind. Straight stairs with no railing lead to a single storey wood porch on the left side. The porch is open, with round decorated posts and an open railing.

The back extension may be an addition to the original building, but it is suspected that the pump in the garden may be the original.

Several ministers lived in the house, which was built sometime just before the turn of the century as the Presbyterian manse. The house has had several alterations over the years. The minister's study was converted to a bedroom and then to a bathroom. The original wood siding and windows were replaced with aluminum. Three wood stoves in the living and dining rooms and in the kitchen were removed. There were never closets in the house, but over the years they were built in. Wiring was installed in 1926 or 1927 and plumbing in 1940. The kitchen used to have an orange wood floor but it has been replaced with linoleum. An attractive curved staircase leads from a lower to an upper hall. The staircase remains unaltered and retains its original wood carving.

The current owner, Mrs. Luella Greer, remembers that the Reverend John Locheed lived in the house. He was the Presbyterian minister from 1894 to 1903. It is possible that his predecessor, the Reverend Robert Stewart [1886 - 1893] may also have lived there but Mr. Locheed is the first confirmed resident. Clergy who subsequently lived in the house included:

Rev. James Woodside: 1904 - 1911

Rev. D.A. McCuaig: 1912 - 1916

Rev. J.A. McWilliam: 1916 - 1919

Rev. J. McKeinnan: 1920 - 1923

Rev. G. Sutherland Wood: 1923 - 1925

In 1925 many of the Presbyterians joined with the Methodists to form the United Church of Canada, and in North Gower it was decided that the United Church clergy should be housed in the former Methodist parsonage [now 2313 Roger Stevens Drive, q.v.]. The Presbyterian manse accordingly went up for sale and was bought by Mr. George Beaman, a local farmer who had decided to retire to the village. Between 1925 and 1928 the house was rented by Mr. Beaman to a, Mr. Walker. In 1928 the Beaman family moved in. Mr. Ralph Greer and Miss Luella Beaman were married in 1934, and in 1940 when Mr. Beaman passed away, the house was left to the Greers.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986, and an unattributed summary on the file which includes the acknowledgement that "Mrs. Greer provided much of the information in this report". Mr. Davidson's sources were 1 and 3.]

March, 1990

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