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Address: 2334 Church Street

Location: Lot 13, Plan 628

Date and Fabric: two houses, both probably around 1885: two storey brick veneer, and two story frame converted to a store

Known owners: see narrative

photograph 1997


Photos of both houses from 1986 also on file. Also 1930's photo [after northern addition] showing boy with pickerel, old summer kitchen and old Church Street bridge. There is also a photo of the white house in this inventory reproduced under its own street address: see 6624 Main Street

Short architectural summary of the brick house also on file

The brick house at this address is of indeterminate age but its owner, Mr. Ken Craig, estimated in 1986 that it was at least 100 years old. The southern part of the house is older than the northern part and was originally a wooden frame building. Today the entire house is covered with red brick veneer but the southern half is yellow clapboard underneath. At an unknown time [probably between 1920 and 1940] the southern half of the house was jacked up and given a basement and a new foundation. At the same time, the northern addition was built.

The early ownership of the house is difficult to determine from Registry Office records since at least two houses appear to have been built on the property. The second house is a large white frame building that was most recently used as a store for Mr. Craig's farm machinery business 26. This house was once the home of tinsmith John Wesley Matthews [1859 - 1940], and in his time it sat back from the road right at the creek. One half of the house was used as a tinsmith's shop. In 1940 it was moved up to its present roadside location by Jack Baldry and at some later date it became a store. Its present street address is 6624 Main Street, q.v.

The brick house has been in the Craig family for at least 40 years [i.e., since 1946] and possibly longer. Registry records show that in 1939 George Stone sold a part of lot 26, village plan 91, to Charles B Craig and in 1946 Craig's wife Madge bought a part of lot 26 from the estate of Jane M. Matthews. Mr. Ken Craig noted that his parents had bought the house from Matthews, so it was probably the latter transaction that transferred the brick house to the Craigs. Mr. Ken Craig also recalled that his grandmother sewed in a tailoring shop that was located on the main floor. The dates of this tailoring business are not known but it is possible that Mr. Craig's grandmother and the tailoring shop predate the ownership of Charles and Madge Craig.

George Stone had acquired his property, probably the white house/store, from Dan Hagan in 1933 and Hagan had bought it from J. Wesley Matthews in 1928.

Back to the brick house: Mr. Craig remembered that a Mr. Thomas Mains once lived there, and registry records show that Mains bought property from Alex Cryderman in 1894 for $700. Cryderman had bought his property from J.R. Wallace in 1889, and Wallace in turn had purchased from J.Wesley Matthews in 1887!

In trying to unravel these lists, a possible scenario of ownership for the two houses would start with J. Wesley Matthews. Matthews may well have had both houses built, and sold what is now the brick house to Wallace, who sold to Cryderman who sold to Mains. Matthews lived in the white house until 1928 when he bought back the brick house and moved in, selling the white house to Hagan. Hagan sold the white house to Stone, who sold it to Craig in 1939. Possibly Charles and Madge Craig lived in the white house until they acquired the brick one in 1946 27.

In any event, the brick house has been a Craig House since the 1940's. Ownership was transferred to Mr. Ken Craig and his wife around 1960.

In tabular form:

Brick House. south part

c.1885 - built by Matthews

1887 - sold to Wallace

1889 - Sold to Cryderman

1894 - sold to Mains

1928 - sold back to Matthews

? northern addition built

1946 - Matthews estate sells to Madge [Mrs Chas. B] Craig

c 1960 - Title transferred to Mr and Mrs. Ken Craig.

White House. now store

c 1885 - built and occupied by Matthews

1928 - Sold to Hagan

? - Sold to Stone

1939 - Sold to Charles B Craig

1940 - House moved up to the road [to 6624 Main Street]

c 1960 - Title transferred to Mr. and Mrs. Ken Craig

On the brick house, the old summer kitchen extending south from the house was removed and replaced with a porch in 1975. The kitchen was not demolished, but moved south to the property on Main Street across from Bellwood Motors. In 1968, the Craigs granted an easement to the neighboring United Church.

[after Peter Davidson, 1986, who must have really puzzled over this one! Sources 1,4]

26 Now [1990] "Grandma Lil's Bakery".

27 Following 1945, they also lived for part of the year at their farmhouse at 6981 Fourth Line, q.v.

March, 1990

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