Rideau Trail

The Rideau Trail extends from Kingston to Ottawa. It is the second longest trail of its kind in Ontario, stretching 300 kilometers. (Second to the Bruce Trail, that is.) Most of the land covered by the trail is either Crown property or road allowance s. Only a small percentage passes through private property.
There are several interesting shorter sections just west of the village of North Gower that pass through the Marlborough Forest. Approximately 23 kilometers of main and loop trails and three shelters are maintained by the Ottawa chapter of the Rideau Trail Association in the Marlborough Forest.
The main points of access the the Rideau Trail are at Roger Stevens Drive, and at Dwyer Hill Road.
The Rideau Trail Association publishes an excellent guide to the trail. For information on where to purchase a copy, or to join the association, contact the Ottawa office at (613)567-2229. The Kingston office is at (613)545-0823.
The Rideau Trail association can also be contacted using its web site http://www.ncf.carleton.ca/RTA/index.html  or by mail to Rideau Trail Association, P.O. Box 15, Kingston, Ontario K7L 4V6.
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