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North Gower Art Studio Tour

Now for something different ... an art studio tour on the World Wide Web. We are presenting a tour of local artists' studios that you can visit at your home computer. Scroll below to see the list of artists.

North Gower is the proud home of an exceptional artistic community. We know you will enjoy this feature, and hope you will take it as an invitation to find out more about the artists and their work.

We also hope you will soon have an opportunity to see some of the artists' original works. Although we do our best with the reproductions, it's really no substitute for seeing the original paintings.

Each month, the North Gower Library features an exhibit of the work of local artists. Some of the paintings have been in our art studio tour. The library exhibits give you the chance to see original works.


Welcome to an exceptional artistic community. Select the featured artists link below ... 

North Gower Art Studio Tour featured artists.

Ann Gruchy
Becky Marr-Johnson
Carolyn Murch Plett
Bob Stephenson
Véronique Stéfanica Stackhouse
Karin and Gerhard Lehmann
Don Routly
Maureen Chaume